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Photos via Vice Style

Anyone who is familiar with Japanese culture knows that shit gets a little bit crazy sometimes...seriously. I am in love with Japanese lifestyle and culture. Any one who's been following my blog for some time might remember my Comic Con trips and even when I dressed up as a Harajuku girl for Japanese day in Central Park or when I spoke about the LED light teeth trend in Japan. While I am fascinated by the culture because I think it would be so rad to dress myself as an anime inspired character everyday (in certain sectors of Japan)... Some trends I just CAN NOT approve and I would never EVER in my wildest dreams try them . This has surpassed clothing and garments but is still considered a "style" because it's trending I suppose.

Bagel Heads

The new Japanese trend "Bagel Heads" makes it look like you have a bagel under your skin! Not sure why anyone would want a bagel under their head but if this arouses your interest, to obtain this look you must inject yourself with saline while holding a finger down in the middle of your head. The saline injections will temporarily change the shape of your skin. I read in a spanish newspaper that it last 24 hours but I'm not 100% sure. Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda who is the man said to have started this trend did an interview with Vice Style you can check out here.

This all seems so casual in Japan, I find it so mind boggling or mind bubbling? (no pun intended). I'm not even being closed minded at all! I have 4 tattoos and quite a bit of piercings but I WILL NOT inject saline under my skin! I rather grab duck tape and literally tape a bagel on my head and maybe paint it with various bright colors =)

What do you think about the Bagel Head trend? Yay or Nay?

The girl to the right looks more like a boob head, Ha!


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  1. I'm disgusting..sorry but read this article in the morning is not nice :D

    WTH?! IT'S SCARY! o.O
    I too love Japanese lifestyle and culture...but this is just NUTS!!!
    I mean....why would they do that?!
    ugh, I'm getting nauseaus looking at the pictures. X-x
    The last pic, the girl on the right is so cute though.
    I read the article on vice style, I guess if the skin goes back to normal, then I guess that's ok, but still...I don't want to sound mean, but it makes one look stupid, or like a cartoon monster character. idk. Whatever rocks their boat, I guess. lol

  3. Omgosh, this is just too creepy to look at. If I ever wanted a bagel on my forehead, I'd just take an actual one & tape it there too haha.

  4. I love the duct tape idea haha.

    I saw this a few days ago and it's a definite NAY for me. I can't even look at it for more than a second, it kind of turns my stomach sideways.

    And it's not even just the looks, but it's never a good idea to inject anything foreign into your body, if it's not super necessary.


  5. EWWWW.... That is seriously disturbing... :S

  6. It so damm stupid it's hilarious! OMG! Thanks for the morning laugh!


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