Japan Day In Central Park

by - 3:52 PM

This past Sunday was Japan day in central park. Myself and two of my friends decided to pull a little Cosplay ( short for costume role play).

My friend and I went as Decora girls and my other friend went as a Gothic Lolita. I really like the Harajuku life style and I am a big fan of Japan. To read more about Harajuku you can click here. Harajuku style is amazing to me. Japanese street fashion is so creative and they are not afraid at all to try new things. They always seem confident and go all out on their look.

I live in Queens and on my way to Manhattan while riding the train I felt like I was getting more looks then I could bare. People judge what they are not familiar with, yet I get fascinated by it and intrigued.

The Decora Girl style is known for layering a lot, having bright colors, having pins and plushed animals, and being very playful in general. I had a lot of fun in the festival. I took pictures with a big Hello Kitty, Enjoyed complimentary green tea they were giving away (green tea is very healthy and very good for your skin!) and had a good time listening to music and doing traditional Japanese dances.

For my outfit I actually had pieces from various places. Some things where vintage. I wore Converse Sneakers and an amazing hot pink skirt which had awesome volume to it. The skirt could actually be worn as a dress also, it's from the gla.MAR.ous line (The Dress/Skirt will be available on the web store next week). I wore a black basic T-shirt and did a little D.I.Y project on it by ripping it in various places and making it off the shoulder. White and pink leg warmers covered my legs along with a hot pink and black leg warmer on one side (some were most likely purchased in Forever 21). There was a face mask around my neck which I drew colorful polka dots on.

After the festival I enjoyed sushi and plum wine. It was a fun experience and I would definitely do it again.

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