Check out these Grillzzzz! Glowing Led Lights For Teeth

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"Holy Sardine Batman!" NYC ravers wait till you get your hands on these!? The Japanese are at it again. You have to ask yourself sometimes, Is it for the love of fashion or just pure attention?

Japanese teens are known for pretty bizarre trends and they're making a fairly new trend for your mouth with multi-color glowing led lights. They can be put easily on your teeth and of course they look coolest in the dark. This concept was created by 2 designers Motoi Ishibashi and Daito Manabe who got the inspiration by seeing "Led Throwies" last year.

Can you imagine seeing Lil Wayne rocking a pair of these or Nicki Minaj with one of her infamous wigs? It would be a pretty interesting sight indeed. These are very quickly becoming very popular in Japan.

On another note, The teeth make this strange buzzing sound while there in your mouth. It almost sounds like you have a beat box in there. Seriously it makes me feel as if we're all on our way to slowly become more and more like robots. Check this video below to see what I'm talking about.

Check the 2nd video below that's especially creepy. This one with the school girls looks to be straight out of a horror movie ha ha. It reminds me of a zombie scene of some sort.

I wouldn't really say these teeth are for the "Love of Fashion". They are however interesting. I would probably wear them to a party one time for a few minutes at most and that's about it for me. I could really see the Rave scene getting into these, They love all the LED glowing devices.

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