Jumpsuit Tribal Love.

by - 1:29 AM

Hello Nubians,

Not quite sure what I make of this. But I'm about to spill 2 facts on you about me....

1) I love jumpsuits.
2) I really love old school loud patterns similar to the ones I saw on The Cosby's growing up. I think I can picture Lisa Bonet in this ensemble. Big ups to tribal patterns.

Anyway I thought this building lobby was the perfect place to shoot this outfit. The color scheme is awesome and it's pretty.

         Jumpsuit and earrings available at Violet Doll. 
Pumps at Aldo
Purse at Katherine Kwei 

The ring above is a cigar ring inspired by cigar bands. Back in the day ladies would take cigar bands off the cigars and loop them around their fingers as bands to emulate the Queen. 


Xo Nubia Xo 

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