Fall for the 90's

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Hey Nubians

As the Fall season has fallen upon us.. I've sort of fallen into a very 90210 90's groove. Comfortable, grungy and stylish. Out come the combat boots, the plaids, and the slightly darker designs. Hooray!

Como la temporada de otoño ha caído sobre nosotros... Me forma de vestir esta cambiando un poco, estilo de los 90's.  Cómodo, elegante y grunge. Botas de combate y diseños un poco más oscuros. Hooray!

What are you looking forward for Fall fashion?

¿Qué ustedes desean ver para la moda otoño?

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Naturally.. we LOVE this look! So 90's, so grunge..and SO perfect.


  2. I'm loving this trend for fall as well - you look great!

  3. loving grunge right now too!! flannnneeeeeeeeeeeel nom


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