Why I love a MothaF@#$ Brony.

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Let me explain to you WHY I Love a MothaF@#$ Brony:

I've been out a lot lately. Doing my fair share of meeting people and dating. Sometimes it's pleasant and others... not so much. I think I have a very clear perception of what I look for in people and you can call it bitchy but I won't settle for less. It's strange getting to know people and wondering if they're being genuine or not. I think being authentic to me is KEY. 

But let me tell you, Why I love a MothaF@#$ Brony!?

Bronies are men of all ages who have an intense love for My Little Pony. Bronies are SO GENUINE. I think it's amazing! It takes A LOT of balls for some men to come out and state they love something rather.... feminine. I have so much respect for people that just speak their mind and don't care what anyone has to say. Do you know how many Bronies are probably "Hiding in the closet?" just because they love pink and purple ponies? #Seriously.

Wearing: Aldo platforms, Zara leggings, H&M Blazer, Purse c/o Katherine Kwei, Topshop hat, Brony Shirt purchased at comic con

Check out my favorite Brony site HERE. It's very funny if you've ever watched My Little Pony.

Image via My Little Brony.


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