Halloween Cheer.

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Hello friends and loyal out of this world readers...

I went to a few places during the Halloween weekend. I didn't really dress up much this year #wompwomp which for me is VERY rare. I don't know if ComicCon burned me out or if I was simply just too tired of things. But I made a small effort and still had lots of fun. 

YELP special event. Whiskey galore (drink responsibly) I don't know how I became such a whiskey girl haha All the way! 

Friends Birthday/Halloween Party. 

Just incase you didn't know, I was Sandy from Grease here. I know, I know, the most simple costume ever right? Big blonde hair, all black, leather jacket and a cigarette. I just walked around all night going "Tell me About it... STUD" It was a hit though. EPIC. 

I've been hanging out on rooftops for like the last month! I swear I don't even do it on purpose. Funny how I always end up on one. 

Brooklyn Loft Party

The cow with the lace jumpsuit and the pregnant nun.


Stewie chillen with some brewski's.

Blurry good times. 

Don't ask, I won't tell haha #seriously.  

My cool Native. 

Live rock band always makes for some good dancing. 

Did I mention I was wearing Violent Lips Tattoos? If you care to know how they feel or how long they lasted let me know and I'll consider reviewing them. 

What did you do Halloween? Trick or Treat? I did both. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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