Amazing Braid.

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Excuse my lack of posting this week dear friends,  These have been crazy, odd, and quite transitional times.

Last weekend I attended Lucky Shops with some fellow bloggers and was part of their Red Carpet team. It was an enjoyable experience. Before Lucky Shops started, we were pampered a bit with some appetizers and champagne at Bloom Beauty Lounge.

The Bloom team was so incredibly nice... ALL OF THEM (which I can't say about too many salons). I had a great experience, they were extremely attentive.

Beauty in the making...

I'd like to give a HUGE shout-out to Jackie Tran (Salon Manager) for making this banging braid below happen! Seriously.

What do you think? I got tons of love on Instagram for this one.


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  1. wow..that braid is epic!! They did a terrific job, it looks like you had a great time, love event where bloggers are pampered haha...we need it once in a while :)

    The Black Label

  2. chic hair style :)




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