Webcam Chillen.

by - 1:23 PM

Totally being silly with my webcam a few days ago...

Had a rather interesting weekend. I figured out I'm really into this 2 lined cat eye look I have going on here #random. I'm running out of my Makeup Forever eyeliner... Must get a new bottle soon, it really does last forever.

On another note sweet postcard right? It was a gift from Japan... Woman expression? Whatever.

Lastly on some other cool interesting news... I'm going to have a giveaway up on the blog tomorrow morning so make sure to check back! It will be a fancy gift, I promise. Something I thought would be nice to giveaway for the holidays.

Bambi said HI! She's so gangster. What's up?


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  1. Bambi is too cute! Also: Is that a tongue piercing in said photo?

  2. @Cameron: Aw thanks for the Bambi Compliment and yes that is a tongue ring. I think I've had it since I was like 16... Don't even know why I still keep it. I had to take it off once to go to the dentist and felt incredibly bare without it.

  3. Thanks for stopping past my blog lady! OMGz you are so pretty! I love what i'm seeing so far, and honestly you just made me want to get a puppy again, my cat won't be happy but I swear that pooch is soooo cute... Anyway I will be checking out your blog further, I added you to my bloglovin!

  4. It's good to have a laugh at yourself every once in a while... :o) Cool photos!


  5. You're extremely pretty girl ;)

  6. You make me wanna do a pin up shoot with you......xx


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