Pink Plaid

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"As if" guys! Doesn't pink plaid make you think of Clueless? I don't think Cher wore pink plaid in the movie, though I do remember a fabulous yellow plaid number. However, I did not take the "Clueless" route what-so-ever to style this outfit. My preppy moments come few and far between. Instead, I went with my more popular nitty gritty New York City style and gave this look an edgier, urban flare.

Wearing: Old Navy denim jacket, Traffic combat boots, Misc top, Street vendor Sunglasses

I'm a big statement girl. I like bright colors, bold pieces, things that are BIG in general. It was still warm enough that I was able to walk around like this for a few hours. I can't wait to see how my style is going to evolve this winter. I'm not excited for the weather but ALWAYS excited for a wardrobe change.

On another random note. Check out my giveaway over HERE for a nice Prada fragrance! It'll be over soon. I actually purchased a new Marc Jacobs one yesterday, So good! I'm going to have a new giveaway up soon having to do with charity and a video tutorial, HOORAY! Make sure to check back in.


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