Tokidoki Barbie

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HOLY shizzle Batman! It's like the best of both worlds. 

Those of you that know me or have read my blog for long enough, should know the following:

Hence the excitement when I saw this Tokidoki collaboration with Barbie. Unfortunately it sold out in a heartbeat #wompwomp but I'm sure our paths will cross one day. 

Everything Tokidoki touches to me is rather magical. From make-up to clothing to cars... what can I say? I'm a fan. 

I am totally smitten over her tattoos. LOVE THEM. I always enjoyed seeing the feminine/urban look Tokidoki uses on mostly everything they do. It's pretty much my aesthetic for NubiasNonsense.

Images via, edited by myself

Those of you who know me would also know that I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat ha ha. I can literally close my eyes and see myself in it. I suppose I can always dress Bambi in a cactus costume. The Leopard pants are hot sex. 

Have to run! Do you love it? Thoughts? Comments?


Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Looool! Interesting post :) Love the tattoos :)

  2. i think that is any interesting step for barbie . certainly a collectible one

  3. Coolest Barbie ever...although I think my favorite part is the little dog!

  4. I love the doggie and I can definitely see you in this outfit :)


  5. I would dress my dog like a cactus. It's so daring to see Barbie have tattoos and wear cool clothes. I use to have the rock and roll Barbie.

  6. ahhh how cute is this tokidoki babrbie doll! but why soooooo pricy!


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