New York Comic Con: Day 3 and 4 outfits

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New York Comic Con is officially over! It's funny because I feel similar to the way I do with New York Fashion Week. Every time these conventions/shows are about to pop up I get so overly anxious and excited, then the feeling that proceeds is usually along the lines of "I can't wait for this $#@%*! to be over." It's a love and hate thing... like most events in my life.

I still have a few things about NYCC I want to blog about that I thought you might find interesting. However, as a Sunday night post I wanted to show you my last 2 outfits.

Day 3: Emma Frost from X- Men "The White Queen"

I like Emma Frost because she's both good and bad. She looks ravishing but don't let that fool you. She's sweet but has a dark side... Reminds me a bit of... myself.

Her power is that she can read minds and it allows her to manipulate those around her as she pleases.

Day 4: Japanese Inspired

This outfit was inspired by the street style I've seen in magazines and street style blogs from Japan. Harajuku fashion is so loud, playful and expressive. I had a lot of fun putting this together.

Coincidentally enough, the romper I am wearing and ruffled shirt were a gift from my brothers Japanese girlfriend. KAWAII!

Within the last 2 days I was asked about 4 times if I wanted to model swimwear hahaha I thought it was random. I guess it makes sense though. Not something I want to do right now but perhaps after a few more work out sessions, why not? It'll be on my things to consider list. I've been working very hard lately and I am proud of myself... It feels hella good.

During this week, along with some regular outfit post....

Sneak Peek: look forward to reading about my encounter with beloved animator Bill Plympton and a panel about Women in The Comic Book Industry. You won't want to miss that post. A lot of woman power and motivating words!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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