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Oh New York City, I Love you. I always meet people in the oddest scenarios...

About a week ago... I had the pleasure of meeting Rome. A talented young spirit. His designs are pretty awesome and definitely fit the NubiasNonsense aesthetic: Fun, playful, hip, happening. We met for a brief moment but the following weekend linked up at Union Square park to talk about some stuff.

For those of you who aren't familiar with ROMEiNGPANDA, you might have seen Katy Perry wear his rings at her album release party or you might have seen his bracelets going down the Victoria Secret runway. Rome and I talked about life, business and the future of his line and fashion in general.

Below please find some quirky facts he wanted to share with NN readers.

NN: Why the name ROMEiNGPANDA? 

RP: The name is a simple wordplay of my name "Rome" and one of my favorite animals, Panda's. I've spent much of my life "Roaming" while eating tons of candies and the foundation/theme behind the brand is of german candy, Gummi Bears. Gummies are "Bears", Panda's are "Bears" and I wasn't going to call it RomeingGummies. "RomeingPanda" came to mind instantly, just thought it worked, and everyone like it so it was history from there.

NN: What inspired you to use gummy bears? 

RP: Were they you're favorite candy growing up? I mean, why would you not use gummi bears as bling? But the idea started as a joke- just wanted to wear my own designs for a change; and crafting while eating many packs of gummies creates magic. People loved my first creations and the rise of the gummi empire began.
Yes gummi bears are in my top 5 list of favorite candies growing up, HARIBO gummi bears to be exact; I actually like any candy that's gummi. Welches fruits snacks are yummi. But I honestly eat tons of candy all the time, more than real food.

NN: Your gummy bears look so real, have you ever had a client try to eat them? What are they made out of? 

RP: Yup, that's the stuff, wearable art! Well I don't know if anyone has ever tried to eat them, but people always "like" to ask "can I eat them?". All of RomeingPanda's current jewelry is primarily constructed out of Lucite.

NN: What kind of people do you see wearing RomeingPanda? What's your target audience?

RP: I see everyone wearing RomeingPanda! Panda's are pretty awesome and who doesn't Love gummi bears?? My target audience is the world.

NN: What other sort of projects will RomeingPanda be involved with that you can share? You know sharing is caring.

RP: For starters an official RomeingPanda Re-Launch coming soon- followed by everything from Apparel, Art, Candy, Toys, and a Cartoon. Pretty much RomeingPanda Everything. Please Stay Tuned!

(this Photo taken by Nikko La Mere Photography)

NN: If RomeingPanda could speak, what would it say to you?

RP: I do speak! Snarf, Snarf...

NN: If RomeingPanda had a clique, Who would be in his Posse? (characters)

RP: There actually is a clique, called PANDA Pack, which consists of:
ROME, The Roaming PANDA
Pearly, The Red PANDA
Mander, The Princess PANDA
Bubbles, The PANDA Dog
Catch them in an upcoming RomeingPanda film coming to a screen near you!

Rome's stuff is seriously dope and it's lines like his that give me that Japanese vibe I so undeniably adore. Show some love and visit his webstore here.

What do you think about ROMEiNGPANDA? 


Xo Nubia Xo 

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