Beating Hearts

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Hello there,

This weekend went by way too fast for me. It's hard to keep a balance between work and play... But believe me... I work more ha ha I swear! I just gave myself 3 goals for the next few months and I AM GOING TO DO THEM. Can't knock the hustle.

These photos were taken Saturday. I was hanging out with my friend Mary and we decided to pass by our friend's trunk show. Our friend Shez owns a fancy boutique in Jersey City named DEEN boutique. It has a nice array of clothing and accessories. You'll be seeing more of that in a later post.

Dressing up has been rather interesting these days. I'm still trying to hold on to showing my legs as much as possible, but fact of the matter is that's it's chilly! must hold on to these days while they last.

I would say this has been my Fall uniform for now: A biker jacket, combat boots, and a dress or denim with a hat. It's fashionable, trendy, and comfortable. Why not?

All in all it was a fun night!

Wearing: Breckelles boots, Betsey Johnson dress, Triple 5 Soul messanger bag, H&M pleather motor jacket, H&M gray cardigan, Misc skully

This Betsey Johnson dress is such a joy to be in! It's green leopard print and the top is sheer. I have to wear it on another occasion so you can get a better view of the silhouette.


Biffle Bug. She gets many random horrible phone calls from me at 3 in the morning and answers. That's what friends are for. She keeps me some-what sane in this mess of a life.

I'm a pretty social smoker to be quite honest... Do yourself a favor and don't do it at all... seriously. 

It wouldn't be a night without bubbly.

Kiss, Kiss


Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. What a fun dress! Yes, you must take a picture of the dress another time so I can see it better. Have fun working, but don't forget to play too. :D

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  2. that's a beautiful dress, dear! <3
    love how it matches your hair :D

    XO Sahra

  3. That dress is just amazing. I love those days when you can wear a fancy dress just because. Also I really want to find that H&M coat. I love the basic shape and color.

  4. Fall essentials? Red lips and leather.

  5. I like your style and your blond hair and red lips;-)
    P.S. I added you as a friend on ibf,hope to hear from you sometimes,
    lola )* a star for you from me *

  6. Love the biker chic leather for fall. So cool and pretty!

  7. You're gorgeous! I also love pairing light dresses with leather and boots! :)


  8. love your blog!!!!
    what lipstick are you wearing?


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