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Last week Vanessa Flowers from 24Blogazine had a "Pure Case Of Sassiness" cover launch party/PCOS fundraiser. It was an absolute pleasure to go support someone that's utilizing their powers as a blogger for the greater good. Vanessa was very open and honest about her experience with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and how it's affected her life. She was only able to find help for it in one medical facility The Jewish Hospital Cholesterol and Metabolism Center in Cincinnati, Ohio to where the proceeds from this event were being donated. Kudos to Vanessa for putting together this event and making it enjoyable and meaningful!

It was also nice to discover new designers, enjoy some jack and coke, and catch up with some familiar faces.

Vanessa giving her speech and talking a bit about PCOS
My friend and designer of my lovely dress Mary. I love how I'm blowing my beer like I just shot something with it haha. If you recall I wore a similar fringe top designed by her as well in the post below. Fashionable + comfortable are two words I'm happy to see together.
Wearing gla.MAR.ous fringe dress, Betsey Johnson pumps, Vintage purse

Denim cuffs by Kblush
Tineey and I

The Lovely Caprece and I
Makeup! The colors dude! The colors!


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  1. Looks like an amazing night!! Your dress is absolutely fabulous I was looking for someone to put on my Street Style space in the blog and with your permission I will put your pic there ;) hope its ok

    The Black Label

  2. I was hoping to see you guys there!! I saw your names on the RSVP! I came earlier (like 7??) and couldn't stay long. What time did you arrive at? I love Mary's dress on you, you look phenom in the pics babe!

  3. your make up looks so pretty!



  4. I loved your dress! We didn't get a pic :(

  5. Hey babe, popping in to say hi! Hope you well! :D U look amazing here! xx

  6. Beautiful girl, amazing dress, good beer, nice pics.

  7. Gorgeous darling, loved everything from head to toe. The shoes especially! Your eyebrows look different here, love them!


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