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Hello lovelies,

Sorry for the lack of post his week. My blog is truly my baby, my love child, one of the few things in life that I truly and absolutely get extreme pleasure out of doing (Isn't that fantastic?!) therefore when I can't post it makes me truly sad. I'm sure you feel the same if you love your blog as I love mine... It's some sort of blog guilt trip haha.

Truth is, I've been sick this whole week! I've been bouncing around from doctor to doctor and it has NOT been pleasurable at all. I just started feeling a tad bit better tonight and I hope to be fully recovered by Monday if the big man upstairs is listening to me. I should be back on track with blog post by Monday but I will try to have a little something up tomorrow.

A few reasons I need to get better ASAP!
  • For my own mental and physical piece of mind
  • My doggies need me!
  • Umm Hello! I have to work on the #IFBcon with the team... Don't forget to buy your tickets stat!
  • September is around the corner, I have to be fully intact for NYFW
  • Speaking of September again, I need energy to go shopping!
  • I need to be well enough to take awesome style photos for NubiasNonsense,Duh!
  • I've been planning a blog makeover for sometime now... Coming soon!
  • I need to run around NYC like a mad man for the next 2 months
  • Lastly, NO ONE likes the "sick I can;t do anything blues"... seriously.

Thanks for your understanding and support. You're my rock and inspiration. I've gotten such sweet "Get Well" messages on my Twitter, YOU ROCK! Thanks for putting a Kool-Aid smile on my lil ol' face!


Xo Nubia Xo

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