Happy Times

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Last weekend I went to my friend Mary's house in Jersey. Her family just built a amazingly cute and cozy deck, I call it the "Beirne Beer Garden".

I was born and raised in NYC. I've been to a few great places around the world and yet I still say "There's no place like home". Most of my friends that live in other states dream of moving to NYC and I can't blame them. To be quiet honest though, by the time the weekend roles around... I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THE HELL OUT. Now, Don't twist my words... I love this place, It's home and it don't get any better for me, However, NYC is a very overwhelming place. It feels like everything and everyone is always moving at extremely fast paces at all times and it can easily drive you mad! It was nice to get away and see a friend in a nice and quiet neighborhood.

Wearing: Levi Curve ID jeans, gla.MAR.ous fringe top, Old Navy white tank top, c/o Anthropologie shoes, Urban Outfitters cat eye sunglasses, Vintage Turban
It was essential for me to have comfortable denim. I love these Levi Curve ID jeans because I believe I accidentally purchased them a size to big, but that's the beauty of it all! They're loose and are almost like boyfriend jeans on me. Perfect for jumping sky high!

Toodles my dears!

Xo Nubia Xo

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