I'm Blonde!

by - 11:00 PM

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Sorry I haven't updated much these last few days. I took this Memorial Day Weekend to soul search and spend some time with my boyfriend. It's hard to unplug, I had separation anxiety. Anywho, Today I went to the salon to get my hair done and I walked out A LOT blonder than I expected. It's all good though, I like it! It's just going to take some getting use to.
It's funny how when you dye your hair you feel like everything looks different on you. Clothing, Make-up, you have to get use to everything again... even hairstyles!
I'm in love with this Makeup Forever hot pink lip color, You can here me talk a bit about it in my silly video.
I hope everyone had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend! I had a splendid time, Can't complain.

Xo Nubia XO

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