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Hey Guys,

I was looking through some stuff online I wanted to share with you. Most of them are pretty basic items I plan to have in my possession soon enough. So the rain decided to stop again and it seems Summer has finally decided to pop in and say "Hiya There!" or something along those lines.

There is something about this top I find rather appealing. It's fairly simple, But the tribal design is catching my eye. That and the fringe of course! This top has total D.I.Y potential as well. I can grab a Sharpie, A pair of scissors and have this bad boy done in 30 minutes if I wanted to AND I'd still have time to enjoy a Cup of Joe =). But I might just buy it. Let's see how my mood is.

Photo via TopShop

I saw this lovely pair of Paige denim shorts while reading Eat, Sleep, Denim and was immediately drawn to them. This is great because I go through phases where I have to remind myself to throw enough color in my wardrobe selections. It's extremely easy to just grab dark colors and go sometimes (Total NY uniform) but these shorts look uber fun.
Photo via Eat, Sleep, Denim

Now my readers that have been around for a while know I'm a headband gal. I think I took a break during the winter but with the sun shining... My head is feeling empty without one. I'm liking this whole indigenous/tribal theme going on here. It's very.... Wednesday Adams if anyone remembers that scene from the Adams Family haha. I've always been pro hippie-headbands so YES, THIS ROCKS!
Photo via gla.MAR.ous

Keep it old school homies! I need my Chucks handy. I LOVE low top, all white Chuck Taylors for Summer. They're perfect for concerts, festivals, and they magically go with almost every outfit. They have been a saviour sneaker for me through the years and I need a new pair STAT.
Photo via Star Converse

Another great concert/festival item that will come in handy for so many other occasions is this Jeffrey Campbell "Girls We Hated In High School Back Pack". Remember my showroom visit? #goodtimes. Again, I'm not sure exactly what draws me to the bag but I remember telling the awesome individuals in the showroom it reminded me of Super Mario and I loved it ever since! I have a feeling I will be doing a bit of my own D.I.Y back packs also but I really have a strong desire to own this JC one.
Photo via My Cool Self

Make up! This Make Up Forever liquid eyeliner does NOT lie when it says forever. I have about 4 of these colors and I want them all! (selfish much? lol) Best Liquid eyeliner I have tried in quite sometime... It last all day and it's waterproof #score. Also this is another subtle way to add a bit of color in your life, it's gotten me a lot of compliments hehe.
Photo via Refinery 29

Lastly, some time ago I decided not to invest much money into sunglasses. I lose everything! I am the meaning of a mess in a dress on several occasions. I thought these cat eyes were super affordable at $16.00. Plus a girl needs a good pair of cat eyes.
Photo via Urban Outfitters

I just realized my first 4 items would probably make an ideal, chic, relaxing outfit for me. What have you been looking at lately? Let me know or maybe even send me a link... I'm always open to getting inspired.

Xo Nubia Xo

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