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During the weekend I escaped with my Boyfriend. Yes, that's right I escaped. Life is really busy lately and full of very REAL choices. I needed to get away and George was very supportive of that.

We went to Bethlehem PA. I've never been there before but they opened a new casino "Sands" and we decided to have fun (fairly new, it's been there 2 years.) It's one of the few Casino's I've been to that actually have a neighborhood around where you can walk to other activities outside that Casino. We went to explore some sights and we Ice-skated also for the second time in my life ha ha. Here are a few pictures we took out there.

That lace top and those black denim/leather pants were both Black Friday scores from H&M, Only 10 dollars each and we have a...... SCORE! I love them both.

This is a great action photograph of George, reminds me of Jordan.

This cool horse was covered in all bottle caps, freaken awesome!

My angelic pose above.

I had so much fun! I want to visit San Francisco soon by the end of the year. Any blogger friends out there?

Xo Nubia Xo

Check back soon for some Holiday Cheer!

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