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During the weekend I escaped with my Boyfriend. Yes, that's right I escaped. Life is really busy lately and full of very REAL choices. I needed to get away and George was very supportive of that.

We went to Bethlehem PA. I've never been there before but they opened a new casino "Sands" and we decided to have fun (fairly new, it's been there 2 years.) It's one of the few Casino's I've been to that actually have a neighborhood around where you can walk to other activities outside that Casino. We went to explore some sights and we Ice-skated also for the second time in my life ha ha. Here are a few pictures we took out there.

That lace top and those black denim/leather pants were both Black Friday scores from H&M, Only 10 dollars each and we have a...... SCORE! I love them both.

This is a great action photograph of George, reminds me of Jordan.

This cool horse was covered in all bottle caps, freaken awesome!

My angelic pose above.

I had so much fun! I want to visit San Francisco soon by the end of the year. Any blogger friends out there?

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. You're almost too photogenic to believe!

  2. the sands isnt that far from me...maybe like 30-40 minutes or so? i dunno. i have never gone. looks like you had a good time though. and your outfit is adorable!

  3. One of my sorority sisters is from there! Looks like you and your bf had a lovely time :)

  4. Nice photos, love your outfit and your hair!

  5. these are awesome! love these photos :)


  6. You're beautiful! Wow, adorable outfit...Love the shoes, who are they by?



  7. what a fun little escape from reality! i feel the same; im taking a little mini vacation this weekend-- I'm excited even though its only for a weekend! I love all the lace your rocking

  8. It looks like a lovely town!

    I really like your blouse, it's exactly like a blouse I've been wanting for ages.

  9. You are gorgeous, I love your lace top and leather pants. I've been looking for a pair of leather pants/leggings for so long now so I think I'll stop by H&M!


  10. Sometimes we all need to get away! Bethlehem is a great place for photos! I did a workshop there and the possibilities are endless! I would love to go back there again someday :)

  11. love the outfit babe...every once and a while we need a break from all the crazy work loads...and I think you deserve this fun escape...

    I guess I need my own escape as well...I needed something to inspire me again...

    great photos love...and you look gorgeous as ever!!!


  12. Stunning pics babe! Escaping reality is always soothing!

    Have fun, Lena!


  13. Oh that sounds so nice. I would love to get away for the weekend.

  14. I love this outfit on you soo much babe! Mwah xx

  15. love this, you look really good xx

  16. great pics!


  17. I really like those feather extensions! They look great with your hair color, I wonder how they look with black hair?

    GIVEAWAY: Patricia Field Glovettes & Chain Vest Necklace!


  18. Great pics and outfit! I am a recent follower who lives in San Francisco! I hope you have made your way down here it is truly a great city! Guess im bias lol. =)


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