Candy Plum Trunk Show

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Hey Loves!

This weekend I went to the Candy Plum Trunk Show which featured the designers from gla.MAR.ous and Makla.

The event was a lot of Fun. Candy Plum is a boutique in Astoria, Queens owned by Marija Pavic. Marija is extremely nice and very easy to talk to, which I really enjoy and appreciate. The store has over 50 independent, emerging designers and it has SUCH an amazing aura. To say it's a "special" place is selling it short. You'd have to visit to experience what I mean AND YOU SHOULD!

The trunk show had a lot of champagne, girl-talk and laughter AKA: The total shopping experience.

Enjoy the pictures below! This week I will have some D.I.Y. holiday gift tutorials so please make sure to check back in!

Xo Nubia Xo

gla.MAR.ous zipper headbands.
Designer Laura Makla above helping a customer select a dress and explaining the dress details.
Champagne and fun.

Here is what I wore below.
Vintage dress, Lela Rose shoes, gla.MAR.ous zipper headband, Kenneth Cole Coat.

If you notice above I got a few feather extensions in my hair! They are so awesome and everyone loves them. They're very unique in NYC. Read more about them here.
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  1. Girrrl, i love this post! Best believe on my next trip, i will be stopping there! You look so cute and those feathers OMG!

  2. Thanks so much! I had a great time, so glad you did too!

  3. Hi Marcia I look forward to meeting you when you stop by the store! :)

  4. Your outfits are so cute, loving the headband detail :)

  5. Love your dress and shoes so much!

  6. your outfit is so pretty! and those extentions...LOVE!

  7. Love the headbands that you design! Great style!

  8. The hair feathers are gorgeous and I love the shoes too. I love how you always support local fashion, fabulous!

  9. Love the feathers in the hair and love the shoes!

  10. You girls are really working it up this holiday season!! I'm sure it's going to pay off in the end! You look great, love the jacket and electric blue shoes!

  11. Love, love. The Dress Recycler will be at the next party for shiz.

  12. It looks like you had so much fun! I'm loving that outfit, especially the shoes!

  13. This is very lovely! Thanks for sharing!
    PS: I’m having a lovely Giveaway on my blog, you’re more than welcome to participate here: Boho Market Giveaway

  14. I love your longer hair! It's quite pretty. That's so cool to go to all those events with local designers.

  15. Aw it looks like you had so much fun! So many beautiful things to look at and shop. And you looked gorgeous too!

  16. Wow I love everything especially the headband! I'm a new follower! :)


  17. Dear,

    I love you in this a dash more feminine look. One of my faves - really - on you.

  18. What a great way to support local talent... I wish more places would offer this to upcoming designers. Love the shoes and the extensions!


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