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Hey Nubians, 

"I don't know the future, but the past keeps getting clearer every day." -I Fight Dragons

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of 'The Goldbergs'. I live for all of the nostalgia and trips back in time the show helps me take. I also happen to be a BIG fan of their wardrobe! Head of Wardrobe & Costume Designer, Keri Smith, does an amazing job! The colors, patterns, texture, & DENIM, DENIM, DENIM! It's awesome. They also have a great hair & makeup crew too.

This weeks episode was "Goldberg Girls" where Beverly tries to form a crew similar to the 'Golden Girls'. The show is a true tear jerker for me. I believe The Goldergs & 'This Is Us' are the only programs on air that get me truly emotional... & there was that one time with Martin Stein on 'Legends of Tomorrow' recently *tears*. Back to the point, I decided to highlight 3 ladies from The Goldbergs and their funky style.

1) Beverly Goldberg

Beverly Goldberg played by Wendi McLendon-Covey, is not only one the greatest & most admired smothers on earth, but she's a grade-A fashionista too. Her sweater game is pretty much 80's perfection that can't be messed with and her embellishments are to die for. My mom didn't keep too many of her outfits from the 80's, which makes me go to thrift stores searching for so many things that look like the ensembles you'll see below. I'm still on the hunt for jumpsuits like the pink, orange, & blue ones seen in this college. So many of these looks have been back in style recently, such as the funky patterns and windbreaker / tracksuit jackets. One thing you need to remember kiddies is that it's not just what she's wearing, it's the confidence she does it with. I read in an interview somewhere that Beverly Goldberg provided Wendi McLendon-Covey with a box of her old sweaters and she wears them on the show, that's pretty bad ass! You go Momma Goldberg! Both of you. 

2) Erica Goldberg

Erica Goldberg played by Hayley Orrantia is loveable in that "I don't show too many feelings, but you know I'm still a great person and adorable right?" kind of way. Her sassy attitude and tantrums make her fun to watch. I love to watch her relationships grow on the show with both Beverly and her boyfriend Jeff.  

Her fashion is a lot more relatable to trends that I've seen the last 2 years. For example,  A lot of fringe, acid wash, high waist items and tons of floral. I'm also quite sure that side swept hairstyle is trending right this moment. Her wardrobe is colorful and vivid and though I know her character is supposed to be somewhat a female version of Eric Goldberg, I'm sure if there was a real Goldberg sister, she'd take a tip or 2 from Beverly and make it her own. 

3) Lainey Lewis

I was sad when I read that Lainey Lewis played by AJ Michalka wouldn't be in Season 5 as much. I suppose it made sense, being that she is no longer Barry's girlfriend on the show and left for college. However, I thought she totally needed to be on this list! She was a series regular up till the end of season 4. One thing I've noticed wardrobe stylists love on Lainey is Denim Vest! They have her wearing them so much and she looks great. Lainey also rocks a lot of denim, plaid, mini skirts, and chokers which have been so popular lately. I hope they find creative ways to keep her character alive on the series. 

Now the real question is... Which of these ladies style do you like the most? I know it's tough. 


Xo Nubia Xo 

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