Cruise with Nautica (No Pun Intended)

by - 12:53 PM

Hey Guys!

This past week I was invited to a cruise on behalf of Nautica. I had a really splendid time and bumped into a few lovely bloggers. I'll eventually get around to posting some Nautica gear, The gentleman sporting it looked dashing.

This first week of September is going to be INSANE! SO SO SO MUCH going on. Feel free to visit my blog more often because there will be a lot going on.

I hope you enjoy the photographs. Wishing you all a Marvelous start to your week!

xo Nubia xo

Wearing Uno Core Dress, Andrea Carreno Wedges, Fletcher blazer, Purse Misc from Colombia

Amy Midtowngirl and I

Thanks to Nautica for the Awesome Complementary Sunglasses! I love these
Makeup Details: Victoria Secret green and white eye shadow, Lancome black eye shadow, Loreal Liquid Liner, Bare Essential Brow set and Foundation

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