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I've had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with Danielle Weitzler creator and owner of Ravishing Jewelry. She is a very kind, warm hearted jewelry designer who's always on the go. Despite the fact that she is indeed a busy bee, She still dedicates time to her passion for jewelry.

She sent me a nice gift a few of your were very fond of which was this Egyptian inspired necklace. I absolutely fell in Love with it.
I reached out to her for an interview so enjoy and I would LOVE to hear your feedback.

Ravishing Jewelry
1. How and Why did you start your jewelry line?
I have always been super creative, I went to school for fashion and design but I actually started making jewelry about 6 years ago. It really started because a coworker of mine was wearing a bracelet I loved and I asked where she got it and she had bought it during a trip to Europe. Clearly I wasn't going to hop on a plane and get it, so I just stared at it and thought to myself "I bet I could make that". I went to a bead store after work in the garment center and got a basic beading book and the beads I needed and made it. That's when I realized how fun it was that I could make jewelry myself and it looked like something you'd buy in a store.

From there it became a hobby and I made jewelry as gifts for friends and family. Then one day my good friend was like "Danielle why don't you sell your jewelry, you are always giving it away?". To be honest, I never really considered it. It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business, for as long as I can remember. I am also the type of person who never wants to live life wondering what could have been or saying "what if". So I figured I'd give it a shot, I started with jewelry parties and officially became a business in November of 2009.

Someone once said "if it's meant to's up to me" and that quote plays in my head everyday and keeps me going!!
2. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Well it's a combination of a few things, a little bit of fashion and a little bit of tradition.
Being in NYC everyday, I submerge myself into this world of fashion on a daily basis.....I love everything about it....I could just stare at people all day long. I draw a lot of my inspiration from what I see on the streets of NYC and what I envision.
I'm also obsessed with early European and Eastern culture. From Greece to Rome to Egypt to Asia. Not only is the jewelry so beautiful, ethnic and ornate but there always seem to be a reason why a certain piece of jewelry was worn, whether it is status, symbolism, protection, etc. Everything seems to have a meaning, whether its a metal, pendant, charm or gemstone.

3. Are you a fan of silver or gold jewelry? why?
I LOVE gold! You can tell right off the bat when you see my collection. There is something about the color that makes it look rich and warm and it really compliments the colors I use in my jewelry. Going back to the whole cultural is the more predominant metal used. I believe this is because it had to do with status, what it signifies and gold also symbolizes purity of the spirit.
4. You mentioned you are currently working at Hermes, Are you planning to make your jewelry line full time in the future?
Of course I would LOVE to do what I am passionate about as my full time job. Sitting in my studio in a sea of beads, metals and materials....designing and creating jewelry would be heaven. Realistically.... it does not pay the bills. Maybe one day my dream will become a reality, but only time will tell. Being that I have been in the luxury fashion industry for almost 12 years I have gained a tremendous amount of experience that I wouldn't trade for one second, especially now that I have started this jewelry business. I started my career in Merchandising, then Marketing and am now in the Sales and Planning side (forecasting, buying & analysis). So I'd say I know more now then ever what it takes to run a business successfully and the challenges that are faced. I am facing some myself but I know what I have to do.
5. What is your personal favorite piece in your collection? Do you have a preferred birthstone?
My favorite piece is the Sassy Tassie necklace in turquoise. Its one of my favorite pieces and I wear it all of the time. I love the color of the tassel, the turquoise scarab bead and the way it hangs it looks great paired with a white tank and jeans or a cute dress. It's my "go to" piece.
It's so funny because all of a sudden you are starting to see a lot more tassel jewelry so I'm keeping the Sassy Tassie as a part of my collection this year as well.
I definitely have preferred stones. I wouldn't say birthstones, but rather certain gemstones. I am totally into the meanings behind stones and how they have been used over hundreds of years in healing. For me, it's usually a combination of the aesthetics and the metaphysical/mystical properties of theses stones that I am drawn to. For instance, I love green aventurine. Many people mistake it for jade because of the light to medium green color. Green Aventurine is very pretty and also known for chance and luck. God only knows I need it!! I also love Amethyst, I absolutely love purple and it is known as the power stone, it is suppose to bring you stability, peace, calm, balance, courage and inner strength. Turquoise is another stone I love and it is know for grounding and protects you from negative energy.

I actually am introducing a line of Chakra bracelets that can be worn alone or stacked up. Each bracelet represents a different Chakra: Crown/Divine Unity, Third Eye/ Spirituality & Intuition, Throat/ Communication & Expression, Heart/ Love & Compassion, Solar Plexus/Ambition & Protective, Sacral/ Desire & Emotion and Base/ Stability & Vitality. They are perfect for anyone that needs a lift and positive energy.
Thank you Danielle for your inspiring words and I wish you only the best of luck! I heard from an insider who's seen her line that "Her pieces are only getting better and better"

Danielle also makes custom pieces so feel free to visit her website Ravishing Jewelry and shoot her an email.

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