My Top 5 Geeky Fashion Picks For Spring / Summer.

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It's great to witness how the love of geeky fandom has through fashion, comic books, film, and video games. I believe that movies alone have helped Gen Z discover hidden geeky gems from the '80s and '90s. But let's talk about fashion now. Some apparel that you find at stores and honors our love of geek culture almost looks like straight-up cosplay. Some items are a bit more discreet. Below check out five items from different cool shops I'm smitten with for Spring/Summer. 

It's nice to have a new version of Aladdin hitting theaters and making people like myself travel back to their childhood memories. JORDANENÉ has a new shirt released every month and for June they're paying homage to the man himself Aladdin. The tee features Aladdin's epic line "You're only in trouble if you get caught." Make sure you check out JORDANENE! Not just for shopping but they have a great and supportive fandom community. 

I remember seeing Her Universe at New York Comic Con when they were just starting out. So happy to see how much this brand has grown. With a new Toy Story hitting theatre's soon I'm really loving this T-shirt dress. It looks so comfortable! This shirt accompanied with a pair of converse are a total lifestyle. 

Funny thing about me is I'm allergic to cats but I love some Pusheen. So Kawaii! I'm obsessed with this crop top because I know I would rock it all the time during Spring and possibly some days in Summer because it's sheer. In addition, "So Lazy Can't Move" is totally my lifestyle during the weekends ha, ha. 

Ok, The Avengers ban has been lifted for a while now and I know we're still all crying over Tony. I always enjoy Robert Downey Jr's portrayal of Tony Stark AKA Iron Man and the Avengers movie was a total tear jerker. Tony had a sweet relationship with his daughter and I think the line "I Love You 3000" has become a favorite for Marvel fans everywhere. 

I had to throw a little DC Comics love in here too. I like this tee so much because it's such a fun color for Summer and the message is on point. 

Start getting you're wardrobe together kids. It's getting hot on the East Coast. 

Xo Nubia Xo 

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