M.A.C Brow Set

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Once Upon a time I use to have nice thick eyebrows, After years of threading them they got thinned out a lot. I could always let them grow back but it takes time and I hate the way it looks.

One of my girlfriends had the M.A.C brow set in her bag while I was putting my make up on and I loved it! Its really good! I have tried pencils before but I never really liked how it looked on me. The brow set basically looks like mascara and you just have to brush it through your brows, its really easy.

M.A.C offers 3 different shades or a clear just to add glow. The reason I like it a lot is because I dye my hair all different kinds of brown and blonde shades frequently(honestly i don't know how my hair is still alive) but when you dye your eyebrows it usually grows out really fast. I purchased the color "show off" and it looks like I dyed them.

Before I went to M.A.C, I wrote that I was on my way there on my twitter and @BoutiqueCulture (which you should follow if you aren't already) mentioned I should check out Anastasia products which I have heard of but wasn't too familiar with. I went to the website which you can see here, and thought it was impressive. So many options and Anastasia Soare is known for beauty around the eye area especially so you should check that out also.

Here is a picture I took with the M.A.C Brow Set. I only have it on one eyebrow so you can see the difference. It adds a nice but not too exaggerated glow. I hope this was helpful enjoy!

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