Makeup Monday! Violent Lips Minis: Temporary Lip Tattoos. Geek Chic!

by - 6:23 PM

Hey Nubians, 

Like Emojis For Your Lips!

Violent Lips Minis are these super adorable temporary lip tattoos. They're a great alternative to lipstick when you want to do something fun and make a statement or simply get creative with your makeup. You can also use these little temporary tattoos on your face so they're perfect for Coachella or any type of cool festival or party. 

What You'll Need.
  • Scissors 
  • Cotton Balls
  • Water
If you're animated like me and love comics, cartoons, and art you'll probably enjoy sporting these for a day. If you're a Social Media Manager or work in the Digital Realm they're also perfect for you. 

Remove them with some makeup remover or coconut oil. They last a fair amount of time if you don't do anything crazy like bite your lips, or go a a crazy make out session. 

Watch my video below to watch the application process. Also be a doll and follow me on YouTube.


Xo Nubia Xo 

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