The Cutest Animal Plates At West Elm!

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Hey Nubians, 

Do You Love Unique Kitchen Decor? 

Have you ever heard of West Elm? I work across the street from one a few days a week at the Downtown Summerlin Mall in Las Vegas and I'm always window shopping as I pass by. They have very beautiful furniture and items for your home. West Elm launched in Brooklyn in 2002, funny because I'm from New York but found them in Vegas... their store focuses on modern home decor and modern furniture. I've always been smitten with their animal plate designs. Often, I dream of having the perfect kitchen... By that I mean very customized to my taste. Unfortunately, I've been moving around the last few years and haven't felt like I've found a permanent home yet. I fear I'll break a lot of things when I move. But I can still crush on things right?!

By designing over 90% of their products in–house, West Elm's design team has increased the selection of organic, handcrafted, sustainably sourced and Fair Trade Certified™ products. I checked the commitment section on their website and was impressed. I have a lot of respect for companies that try to focus on sustainable products as it better our environment and the world in general. 

You go Jim Brett! But back to the adorable plates... 

These are their 'Dapper Animal Salad Plates' which are based on paintings of real animals. Designer Rachel Kozlowski dressed and accessorized these beautiful animals to give the characters a personality of their own. She describes her designs as "Fun, Clever & Lighthearted". I am obsessed with them! Most of these plates retail at $10 which I think is so good and you can find some on sale here and there. If you don't want to buy them all at once you can slowly collect them which I think is cool. There's something so adverse and compelling about these that I love. They're visual happiness. Wouldn't it be find of cool (or scary) to live in a world where animals dressed like this? 

This Fox plate is currently on sale online for $5.99 HERE. It kind of reminds me of Mrs. Fox from Wes Anderson's film Fantastic Mr. Fox which I cosplayed at New York Comic Con. 

Learn more about Rachel Kozlowski collaboration with West Elm HERE


Xo Nubia Xo 

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