My Top 4 Favorite Hairstyles From The MTV VMA's 2015.

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Hello My Beautiful Nubian Queens!

I saw last nights MTV VMA awards and though I have many, many... maybe one too many thoughts about the show... I'm just going to talk about hair for now. 

Many of the ladies looked drop dead gorgeous and made good fashion choices with their stunning dresses, gowns, and jump suits... I paid a bit more attention to the hair and makeup this year. My top favorite hairstyles were from Vanessa Hudgens, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. 

A lot of the reasoning behind why I love these hairstyles is that they are so easy to recreate! Total DIY projects, you really don't have to go to the salon for any of these. I think my favorite one is the braid crown sported by Vanessa Hudgens, total boho vibes (plus I love a good braid). I liked how sleek both Rita Ora and Taylor Swift's hairstyles were. Taylor's looks almost like a pixie cut from the front which is super cute. Lastly, Britney Spears pony-tail was fun and playful.  I liked the colors she had going on with the dye too. Seems like a good day to sport your hair tied back! 

Did you have any favorite hairstyles on he red carpet? 

Xo Nubia Xo

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