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Hey Nubians,

I think all girls like Chanel right?

Well, at least the thought of Chanel because the French fashion house has always branded itself as such a classic, feminine brand.

To celebrate the arrival of this new fragrance, Chanel's new ‘Chance Eau Vive’ film takes you bowling! I know at first you may be like "WTF? Bowling and Chanel... ehhhhh." However, I FREAKEN LOVE IT. No crappy looking bowling uniforms here! The gorgeous models, Cindy Bruna, Romy Schonberger, Rianne van Rompaey and Sigrid Agren are all wearing beautiful pastel outfits (adore the skirts especially). The ladies also look ever so graceful bowling in the alley, where the bowling ball and pins all happen to be the Chanel 'Chance' perfume bottles of course. The campaign print and video is by Jean-Paul Goude.

The ambiance in the video is super cool too. All pastel colored bottles and outfits and they make it seem like you're bowling in outer space with a black background of what appears to stars... I think I even spotted a shooting star during the video.

I can't speak for the perfume yet because I haven't sampled it... but the promo for 'Chance' is absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

Kudos to Chanel! Barely ever disappoints. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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