Makeup Monday!

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Hello Nubians,

It's the start of another glorious week! 

I wanted to share my everyday makeup routine I've been applying lately. Basically, now that my hair is so bright and bold I've slightly tweaked my makeup a little bit. I didn't think it made sense to have purple hair and crazy overdone makeup too. It's all about balance kiddies.

My Everyday Makeup Routine.

* I start off by Moisturizing with Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 15. I also add a dime size of coconut oil and mix it together for extra moisture.
*Next I proceed by applying my ELF concealer slightly under my eyes to create a shadow to minimize my dark circles.
*After that I use my Wet N Wild eyebrow kit, which after trying so many expensive options is my absolute favorite.
*Lately I've been using LOreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara. 
*I apply a little bit of Victoria's Secret St. Barths bronzer by my cheekbones.
*After that I select which lip color I want to use that day.
*Lastly I pick either a nuetral or bold eyeshadow and apply a little bit under my eye.

Then TAH-DAH! Cute and fairly minimal.

This is also a great option for Summer because you don't have to cake so much makeup on your face when it's so hot!


Xo Nubia Xo

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