Beauty Tuesdays: Ombre Alternative - Streekers

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Hey Dolls,

                    Thanks for all the compliments I've been getting on my pink and purple Ombre Hair lately, I really appreciate them.

I understand that a lot of people admire the ombre look but don't want to make a long term commitment or may not be able to do it because of work related reasons so I thought I'd share STREEKERS with you.

Now the only down side to STREEKERS is that it doesn't work on dark hair, (womp womp) sorry ladies! But besides that everything else is pretty much a perk. When you think of Ombre alternatives you may think chalk or sprays but honestly, all that stuff gets all over you clothes and sheets and it's Fu%&*@ annoying.

On the back of the STREEKERS box it says:

No fading, No flaking.
No mixing, No mess.
No waiting. No worry.
No commitment.
No Kidding!

I think that pretty much speaks for itself. The lighter your hair is, The more bold the color will be. I tried it on a strand of my hair which is fairly blonde and it was very hot pink and it was pretty!

You can keep STREEKERS on for a few days if you want, but if you don't like it, you can simply wash it out.

Also if you don't want an ombre look, you can do highlights or color your bangs! Those seem like fun ideas :)

Xo Nubia Xo

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