Denim and Khakis

by - 2:27 PM

Hey Dollfaces,

                                  I guess for fashion purposes, I have to take advantage on these NYC chilly nights. This Wed and Thurs we will be in the 90's during the day which makes me think that sooner than later we will be having hot Summer nights.

The last few weeks I've still been able to dress in denim and light long sleeves without feeling like death most of the time.

I always liked the way that khakis looked mixed with blue jeans... I should play around with this combo more often. I also purchased some pretty dope Jeffrey Campbell sneakers about 2 weeks ago... They're pretty ideal for us height challenged folk lol (I'm 5'5).

Wearing: Jeffrey Campbell sneakers, Uniqlo black top, Joyce Collection Khakis, Vintage denim vest.

I'm totally gearing up for my all shorts and dresses summer wardrobe... I feel it coming on any second now! 

Xo Nubia Xo

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