Duane Reade Blogger Event.

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My friend Tineey is working with Duane Reade as a VIP Blogger and they hosted an event at their Flag Ship Store that I attended. It was a lot of fun and Duane Reade has grown incredibly from a few years back (I heard they even have beer on tap now!? #SayWhat). The LOOK boutique is a pretty kick-ass makeup and nails section that you could get lost wandering in.

What I wore: Ann Klein loafers, Levis Jeans, Christys pork hat, H&M sweater, Coach Bag.

Ladies getting their eyebrows and eye lashes done.

Tulips galore. Gorgeous colors.

Outfit photos taken by Tineey.

I was completely smitten with the job they did for me at the nail bar. It was a light purple with cheetah spots. I recommend the nail bar there, the ladies are super nice.

Thanks to Duane Reade and Tineey for hosting such a lovely event. Everyone was very kind and considerate. Check out this cute video Tineey made! Adorable. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for coming you dolly doll. Your nails look fab <3

  2. Hy! Just wanted to invite you to like the page http://www.facebook.com/DessertsAreMyExtasy on fb. It has great food photography and recipes! (it's not commercial or anything, just for our enjoyment)

  3. i love the colour of your jeans.. and the shoes are great too! x

  4. just found your blog and I am loving your style! great way to pair loafers and skinnies. happy to be your nrwest follower! ... Considered eliminating word verification? It's a real nightmare...
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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