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Hello Nubians,

Last week I was invited to the French Connection store on West Broadway for their Spring Nail Art Event featuring Ginger + Liz. There was bubbly going around and 25% off clothing.

To be honest I haven't been to French Connection in a long time so I wasn't very familiar with their current collection. I used to love rocking the tees with their signature FCUK logo once upon a time. As I strolled around the store I was quite pleased. The clothing was a little more grown and mature than I remember it being which was awesome because it caters to my taste now.

In the photo above you see some details I was fond of. So much patterns and glitz and sequins... it was HEAVENLY. My favorite dress in the whole store was the one on the lower right hand of this collage, It's short light pink with sequins and sexy as hell!! A++ in my book. The dress on the upper left hand side draws me in a bit as well because it sort of reminds me of how the NYC streets look (gravel) in a good way.
The sweater with the parrots was super cute and I was diggin the pink tones all over the store. There was definitely a lot of covetable pieces... For a social media wiz kid as myself there was even accessories for my gadgets! Always a perk.
The shoes on the lower left side are my favorite in the store. The chunky heel makes them look very comfortable and I could picture myself rocking them with some short denim shorts and a cute blouse. I'm also digging the flatforms... YES I do like flatforms haha do you?
Peep this lovely PR gal above rocking this bad ass top. It almost looks like paint chips or a piece I could imagine David Bowie wearing. Such an "it" piece.
Lastly while I was strolling around I was treated to this sweet manicure with Ginger + Liz polish. It was based off one of the prints from the collection, Tres chic!

At the end I had a lovely time and I'm looking forward to seeing more French Collection soon and owning some pieces. Cheers darlings!

Xo Nubia Xo 

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