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Hello Nubians,

Last week I woke up at the wee hours of the morning and went to an event for Uncommon Goods Holiday (#UGHoliday). I was invited by @BoldBraveFree who had been reading my blog for a while and we decided to meet in person at the event.

I picked up a Grande ice coffee with soy, no sugar and was on my way.

Wearing: Forever 21 dress, Nike sneakers, Street Vendor Jewelry.

I had never been to Uncommon Goods so I wasn't sure what to expect... The name of the store had me rather intrigued. When I arrived I was up for a pleasant surprise. All the items I was looking at were so special and unique in their own way. I was also greeted by lemonade, wine and tasty appetizers. 

Above you'll find a lot of custom jewelry and accessories. If you have a place that's special to you and you know the geographic coordinates you can have it engraved on a necklace or a keychain. There are so many options given to you to make sure the piece you purchase is special and has meaning to you.

The electronic section is where I fell in LOVE (being a social media manager and tech guru of course). The type writer with the iPad attached is HIGH on my wish-list. At first I thought it was just a charger but actually it's way more. When you type on the type writer it appears on the iPad screen, GENIUS. Combining the old and the new. There was also cute little stickers to put on your iPhone charger along with some other gadgets.
Here we have some stuff for those who enjoy drinking. A cool bag to carry a 6 pack on your bike, a how to brew your own beer kit and wine/beer soaps and more.
The botanical section was fun with these vibrant dinosaurs and awesome terrariums. The terrariums can be custom made as well which I think makes for a bad ass gift. You can tell people over at Uncommon Goods what kind of people you want inside and they'll get it done for you. Ex: The elder couple sitting on the bench would make a fantastic anniversary gift.

I had such a great time and was treated nicely by the staff over at Uncommon Goods... They gave me the grand tour and went over almost every little thing in the store with me. The store is full of great treasures and one of a kind gifts.

I received a lovely gift bag on my way out with bracelets, story cards, a puzzle, beer soap and more. So much rad goodies. One of my favorites and one of the funniest is the bathroom guest book full of funny and random things for your guest to answer.

Make sure to check out the Uncommon Goods website HERE to learn more and their Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

Xo Nubia Xo 

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