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No matter what they say...

I'm a big makeup whore. Always have been, always will be. I don't usually over do it, but I absolutely love playing with the stuff. When it comes to makeup I feel like I'm creating art on my face... Like I'm accentuating what I already have... Making it more prominent perhaps? Let's just say I really enjoy it. HOWEVER, this is my problem with makeup...


You might not all feel this way, but to throw some facts about myself on the table...for a long time I didn't even want to go downstairs with out having some sort of concealer and eyeliner on. Seriously, I have dark circles under my eyes that are boarder line raccoon eyes and I fucking HATED IT. I still sort of do sometimes but I really don't mind as much.

My message to all the young ladies reading this, which are the ones who suffer through what I'm calling "MUP" (make-up-problems) the most is to GET OVER IT, it's total bullshit. It may sound a bit harsh but thinking back on it... I kind of laugh that I ever felt this way. EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAYS. Stop looking at T.V and magazines and trying to become these people! most of the shit is airbrushed on (Trust me, I know). Love yourself. Everyones shines. Embrace your natural beauty.

Another thing I'm going to state is that it's ok to have fun with makeup. I do. But don't ever feel like you NEED it because you DO NOT.

I hope I was able to spread along some positivity and realness in this post. Honestly, I'm all about keeping it real. I often get in trouble for speaking my mind but that's ok... as long as it comes from the heart, it's a problem I'm willing to deal with.

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  1. Great point. All women should know that they're natural beauty is what matters, not what you paint on!

    Nice job.

  2. There's no way you should get in trouble for this post. I am guilty of this though. I love make-up and I rarely leave the house without it, even if its just lipstick - but thats because I am a lipstick addict.
    I agree you don't need make up and we do get a little caught up in the more is better mantra - so way to remind us.

  3. I LOVVVVVVE THIS POST ND I FULLY AGREE!!!!! I appreciate you doing this post, we definitely need to talk about the issues with young girls! ur beautiful INSIDE AND OUT....

  4. This was a beautiful post! And you look great with and without makeup. It's such an important message to feel good about yourself no matter what.

  5. What an amazingly uplifting post! And you're beautiful both ways. :)

  6. BEAUTY comes from within. and you my biff are beautiful inside and out! xoxo

  7. Your camera takes awesome pics. What kind of Canon is it?

  8. Aw this is such a beautiful post! What a great way to show how you can be beautiful with or without makeup. I totally agree! I love playing with makeup but I don't feel like I need it every day.

  9. wow nubia this is a great post. i love the message.

    xo Monroe

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    topic! Will keep visiting in future too!

  11. Loved this post!
    - BKDane


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