What's your Style Decade?

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I decided to participate in this weeks IFB Project I put together "What's your Style Decade?". I thought about this long and hard and decided I fit mainly somewhere between 90's grunge/urban hip hop and a fun, colorful, animated, japanese inspired look. 

I grew up with 2 older brother doped up on Wu Tang Clan. Yes, Thats me... The girl that knows every Wu Tang song by memory haha #ThingsYouProbablyDidntKnow. I love hip hop from the 90's more than I enjoy Hip Hop now, I'm very selective. As I got older I merged a bit into rock on my own and sort of combined the 2 on my iPod.

I also tend to play a lot with vintage inspired looks and a small, very small dash of prep BUT I'm totally about nitty gritty New York City the most #Pow.


Animated style

This is what I'm currently into. I would have to say I fit into 80's/90's/ and the present. Very often I merge into other decades because I love to change it up constantly. I'm like a jack in the box.

Xo Nubia Xo

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