Diggin' Converse Boots For Fall/Winter.

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Hey Nubians, 

Fall Footwear...

I've always loved Chuck Taylor Converse Sneakers for the Summer. I think my passion for Converse started with my Father loving them. When he first arrived to the United States from the Dominican Republic he purchased a pair and fell in love with how comfortable and breathable they were. He started a collection of sneakers. His favorites were the Navy Blue sneakers that looked like denim, the ones with the American Flag, and the Olive Green sneakers. 

I never really thought much about Converse shoes past the Summer, but lately I've been appreciating their boots. I'm thinking of adding a pair to my Fall/Winter wardrobe. 

Being a Converse fan, I like how the boots have a similar silhouette to the sneakers. I also like the fact that most of them are Waterproof and Leather. They look extremely comfortable and warm. Also, I have a very urban and edgy flair to my style so I'm particularly eyeing their high top boots. Either the all black ones or the black & camel one. The collections also offers a nice variety of colors and textures. A lot of brown tones, maroon, greens & more.The soles of the shoes also look like they have a great grip which is good for the snow so you won't slip and fall on your bum, bum. Cool and fashionable, sounds like a win-win to me. 

 Photos via Converse.

 These red boots are cool. It's always nice to have a fun, bright pop of color available in a collection. 

What do you think of these Chuck Taylor Converse boots? Would you wear them? Which ones are your favorite? 


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