Queens Inspire Kings

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Greetings and Salutations,

                                                        I hope you all had a marvelous weekend. Mine was quite action packed. Work and play makes Nubia a happy girl. Along with FINALLY catching up on my fucking emails (Hallelujah), I caught up with an old friend, had some intense whiskey and absinthe about 5 drinks, Sang Gwen Stefani's "It's my Life" in front of a full bar of strangers (things I wish I would have forgotten), ended up in Brooklyn with my friend Jess having good times and went on a pretty swell date. It all happened SO FAST!

So let's talk a bit about "Queens Inspire Kings"  Curran J designed this shirt and I loved the message so I had to purchase one.

I think amazing people inspire amazing people. I stray away from people that are negative because it took me A LONG TIME to learn how NOT TO BE negative. Things can only get better.

So what's a Queen? A Queen in my eyes is a beautiful, powerful woman. By beautiful, I don't mean physically... I mean you have a beautiful soul. I pride myself on the fact that I try to be helpful and supportive to people I love and care about. There have been times where I kicked myself in the ass for being "too nice" and told myself I would change... But truth is I won't. I'm beautiful, powerful, reckless, stubborn, a bit dangerous, spontaneous, crazy, I AM A QUEEN. Any woman can be a Queen, you just have to believe it.  Believe in yourself. 

Naturally, I think there are some great,powerful men out there as well... Let call them KINGS. Kings and Queens belong together. Two people who are strong, inspired, crazy, smart, and beautiful. POW!

Queens Inspire Kings and Kings Inspire Queens.

Wearing: Studio Line booties, Purse c/o Katherine Kwei, Forever 21 skirt, Kings Rule Together shirt, H&M faux fur collar.

 On a random note, I also visited the new Uniqlo on 5th ave and 53rd, that place is HUGE.


Xo Nubia Xo

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