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Comfort is Sexy! 

I bumped into this editorial of Frederikke Sofie by Josh Olins for WSJ Magazine and I'm feeling the vibe! This girl just looks so comfortable and sexy in her own skin. I find that to be very attractive. I love to dress "glam" every-so-often but I've always leaned way more towards an urban flair. It's interesting to take a beautiful dress or outfits that look like they should be dressed up and dress them down. It's kind of fun when you see the shock reaction this causes for some people too (damn zombies). If you have the right accessories, the right hair and makeup and the confidence to top it off, I think you'll look radiant anyway. Not to sound corny but BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN! That's right!

So many young women are under the misconception that you have to show off your body all the time to look beautiful and sexy... We've all been there. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with showing off your body, flaunt it while you got it honey! But something about comfort, relaxation and wellness is just So.Damn.Alluring. I could literally tell when a girl is dying in her heels just by looking at her face, it's crazy. Beauty doesn't always have to hurt. Check out this chick below and be inspired. 

Frederikke Sofie by Josh Olins for WSJ Magazine December/January 16/17. Styled by Clare Richardson. Hair by Shon. Make-up by Yumi Lee.

Have a little fun ;-) 


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