Jeffrey Campbell: Girls We Hated In High School

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Hey Dolls,

Okay, So I'm sure we all know Jeffrey Campbell has the shoe game on lock lately! Seriously, it might be the biggest shoe obsessions I've seen since chicks rocking Jordans in H.S. (was never quite into the Jordans hmm). I see so many people rocking Lita's when I walk these New York streets that I'm starting to wonder if they have some sort of secret society. I don't blame anyone for loving the shoes, They're extremely light and comfortable, Did I mention Stylish? Didn't think I had to.

Now the JC team is releasing a bag line: GIRLS WE HATED IN HIGH SCHOOL. I am completely smitten with the title because I think EVERY ONE can relate. Every girl disliked another at some point in HS and if you say you didn't, you're probably lying #Truth. These bags are badass! Just like the shoes... THEY WILL MAKE YOU WORK!

I had the privlage of passing by the JC showroom and personally got to play with these. It's like the fringe fairies sprinkled the line with their magical pixie dust, AMAZING. The collection is full of leather bucket bags, backpacks, denim, sparkle, tassels, snakeskin, and more! These bags will be out in stores soon and will definitely be all over festivals and concerts this summer. Coachella much?

Enjoy the photos below and also the video collage I've made for you. It was really fun! I got to play around with some of the shoes also and try different styles on but I've only included those photos in the video. WATCH IT!

The backpack above is my FAVORITE! It gives me childhood nostalgia. I MUST HAVE ONE.
Above they've got the business/office lady covered

If you want to see images from the look book, visit the JC blog here. Thanks JC team!

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. ummmm love the fringe... too cute!

  2. wooooahhhh. those bags are badasss!!!! i heart the fringe fairy.

  3. Cute bags!

  4. Tell me about it! Well, I don't see people walking around in JC's here, but I see almost everyone wearing them in their blogs!

    The bags seems so fun though!


  5. Oh, I really like the red and blue backpack. Looks fun but also very practical.

  6. did we mention we love the vid too? amaze :)

  7. Gorgeous! I want them all :) Happy Monday babe xx

  8. I love those bags and I love JC too! Your braids are awesomeness!


  9. Cool post exciting..i love that back pack too!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  10. Fun bags!! Loving your braided hair.


  11. Amazing bags! Love the ones with the fringe :)

  12. OMG How cool are those bags? I LOVE the fringe! Must have one. Now.

  13. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! Love these vibrant bags and that video!

  14. What a fabulous and fun line!


  15. i am totally putting half of my savings with their bag collection...I am totally smitten with those fringes and the glittery BADASS!!!


  16. WOW I AM IN LOVE WITH THE BAGS and your blog :D

    So beautiful.

    I followed you! xxxx Thanks for your lovely comment !

  17. thank you for commenting on my blog! your style is so fun, i absolutely love it! and your hair and makeup are fantastic, i LOVE the TEAL under-eye liner <3

  18. adorable little bags! im a sucker for fringe!

  19. love the jc litas, and I love these unique range of bags!!!

    sarah x

  20. they're all so cute, my favorites are the backpacks, obviously ;)

  21. love your style - it's so wild and free! i also adore your blog - i'm your reader now!i have just made my own first blog - i hope you'll visit it, and i hope you'll like it!


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