Color Storm

by - 12:10 AM

Thunder in Paradise! Does any one remember that show? It starred Hulk Holgan and was pretty horrible ha ha. I just had total nostalgia... There's thunder going on outside my window if you're wondering how this conversation came about.

This is the outfit I wore the day I went to the Jeffrey Campbell showroom. My friend took these photos of me after we left. I thought it was a fun day to try mixing some patterns. The weather has been better in genreal here in NYC and I've been getting into bright colors.

Wearing: Vintage top, Old Navy denim jacket, gla.MAR.ous skirt, Material Girl belt, Calvin Klein stockings, Vintage ankle boots.

Another thing I've mentioned lately on my blog is that I'M SO INTO BRAIDS for Spring. All types of them.

"I don't care if you think I'm strange, I ain't going to change"
I was featured in a few places online this week and wanted to shout them out and give them a big THANK YOU!

The Jeffrey Campbell Blog:
24 Blogazine:
Confessions of a Drama Queen:

I'll be back shortly! Xo Nubia

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  1. haha you're awesome girl. love the skirt and top! and great shoes!

  2. a mention on jeffrey campbell? that's so cool

    the plaits look great, i wish i had the skill (and the thick enough hair) to plait my fringe

  3. Love the colours..brilliantly bright!! Thanks for dropping by my blog, I appreciate it!! You are welcome anytime, wish you a fab day!! xx

  4. Gorgeous jacket and skirt :D

    I followed you :D Thanks for your comment!

    I really love your blog !

  5. Love these colourful items! You look like so 80s!

  6. Thanks for your comment in my blog!!! You look great ,love your outfit and hair!! I really like your blog,If you want we can follow each other. Thanks!!!

  7. hi love, thanks for your comment. u wild child!!!! haha i am loving all the crazy pop-art prints, it certainly fits your personality! so shit news regarding braids... my hair isnt long enough :(
    congrats on your features! :)hope u r well

    andrea xxxx
    Life In Technicolor.

  8. I love how colourful you look! Definitely good to see more colours with summer coming up! You look amazing in the pictures.

  9. Hahah I love this post. The colors are lovely and I'm also into braids this spring as well. I've been experimenting with different ones. I especially love your braids!! xoxo

  10. that's so awesome! i love the way you are mixing bright prints. i want to mix head to toe stripes .

  11. i loved the outfit ;)
    those shoes are amazing <3

  12. I love the mixed prints...very cute and the colors are vibrant.

    I def will have to practice mixing prints, cause right now I am NOT good at it :)


  13. I found your blog through Confessions of a Drama Queen and I think you are awesome. Love your style and how you aren't afraid to wear color. Following you luv!

    Oh, and your braid in that Jeffrey Campbell - Girls We Hated in High School post is lovely.

  14. Love it!!! You look amazing! <3 I really love the jean jacket on top of the mixed prints!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog miss! looking forward to keep in contact!

  15. Cool blog, real colourful post! xoxo

  16. Loove your outfit! Very cool, and colorful!!
    Love the colors of the top, love the boots, the belt, and loove your hair do!
    Super cuute!
    And one more thing, you're really pretty, you have beautiful eyes, love the shape of them!
    :) ♥

  17. Gorgeous braids, and such a fun outfit!

  18. ♥I see you re very talanted.) Your blog is amazing♥

  19. Love the bright colors of your outfit!

  20. wow, i love the patterns, all so unique..
    i live here in ny also!don't you hate the weather changing?
    first day its hot, then the next its pouring rain or freezing cold. weather make up your mind.


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