Home Sweet Home: A. Wang

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I'm sure you might have bumped into this photo around the web this week but OH MY $#&*%!@ does anyone know if Alexander Wang needs a room-mate?! Seriously beautiful.

Holly Brubach a former New York Times editor use to live in this Tribeca Flat and I guess she decided to go back and see what Mr Wang's done with the place. You can read the article in W Mag here.

From his vevelt couch, to his zebra rug, and fur chair... This is sleek perfection. So much black in different textures. He does have a party boy reputation, This looks like a pimp pad.

I found it interesting that his interior designer Ryan Korban (who Wang knew from college), had no "Formal" interior design experience when Wang hired him to decorate his showroom the same way Wang didn't have any training in Fashion when he started his line. I think it's a personal bond they share and they can probably relate to each other so much. It's rather inspiring.

What do you think of the place? Love it? Hate it?

Xo Nubia Xo

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