Masha Lunara and her Feathers!

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Hey Loves,

Let me tell you about an interesting individual I met lately, Masha Lunara. Masha makes gorgeous feather earrings which are available at Ethereal boutique in Long Island City, Queens.

See some below.

Not only does Masha make super, awesome earrings BUT she does FEATHER EXTENSIONS! Yes, that's right I said FEATHER EXTENSIONS. Now I know I have readers from different parts of the world who might be familiar with these, But I live in NYC and I have never seen these around. They are so unique and pretty! From really far away they sort of look like highlights but when you get close you'll see the beautiful details. She also does customized ones!
Here is a small blurb Masha gave me:

The Siberian native Artist Lunara, who is feather jewelry designer and founder of Tribal Market, brought new magic things to NYC-Feather extensions. " I was inspired by west coast Tribal culture, The Burning man festival, the LA and San Francisco scene and their life style". Feathers are a touch of shamanic, tribalish magic. Lynara's specialty is to make feathers look naturally growing with your hair. Also, It's the best for people who prefer to keep their natural color, but splash it with low or high lights.. Feathers are the best way to do it. For Lunara it's not just a fashion look, but a spiritual process. Her clients are women and man, actors, models, performers, musicians, fire dancers and people who wants to express themselves. Lunara believe's that We are all one Tribe.

You can get a feather extension session by appointment only at the Ethereal Boutique 718-482-8884 and Tribal Market.

Here are some pictures below:

As you may have read from the Blurb this is a great option for someone who DOES NOT want to dye their hair, but wants keep their natural color. Lunara is very spiritual and I have to say it's extremely soothing, and such an interesting experience. I love learning about peoples cultures and what inspires them. The extensions last 3 months and vary in prices.

Lunara also has "The Tribal Market" every so often. To learn more about that and see dates coming up you can visit

SO would you get feather extensions? Thoughts? Let me know!

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