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I wanted to take a minute to write about 3 things I thought were pretty awesome.

First off, It's getting hot so fast here in N.Y.C! Wednesday is suppose to be 90 degrees from what I heard, that's insane. I use to be really boring when it came to nail polishes before, but now with the warm weather coming I'm trying a lot of bright fun colors.

If your looking for something affordable, loud, bright and funky you can always depend on Wet n Wild. I am a big Wet n Wild fan. I think they have a lot of good make-up at great prices. I've blogged about them in the past before here and here not to mention I use there Mega Eye Creme liner everyday.

The shade I'm showing here is called "Sunny Side Up" and its number 405. It's only $1.00 in Duane Reade close to my home, totally worth it. You can check out more of there perky, radiant colors here.

A while back when I was on one of my Vintage shopping adventures, I bumped into this bad boy and I thought I'd share. It's an old Kodak Camera. I tried looking it up online but I can't find the product number anywhere. All I know is that it uses PR-10 film. Some guy made me laugh when he passed by me and said "Don't buy that thing, it looks like it belongs in a Museum!" I still had to purchase if of course. I've developed a hobby for photography ever since I started blogging and I figured even if it doesn't work... it would make a pretty rad decoration piece.

If anyone discovers information on this feel free to share please!

Lastly I had the pleasure of receiving this cool gift from the lovely people at The Hook-Up.

I really like the whole concept of this design. Personally the biggest use I know for a fact I would get out of it is when I go out to eat. I've been known to be a little "germ-aphobic" at times and hate putting my bag on the floor when I eat at restaurants which is constantly! I'm always looking for an extra chair to place my purse on because there's never enough room on the table.
This is the perfect solution for me. It comes in a really cute box (great presentation for a gift) with really clear instructions on how to use it. You open the heart in half and the tips have rubber grips to prevent it from sliding. By testing it, I was able to tell it holds a good amount of weight as well. Its really easy to use and makes a cute accessory! You can see it hanging on my Betseyville bag below.

I hung it on my bookshelf below so you can see an example.

I love having fun getting dressed but sometimes little things, little details, are so fun.

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  1. omg i love the little heart hook-up!

  2. I love that little heart hook you were sent. I have three vintage cameras. I have not tested to see if any work but I hope to be able to do that.

  3. LOVE that nail polish! i'm pretty much obsessed with colors like that :p ... isn't the nicer weather so much better? i'm glad it's not freezing anymore!

  4. Nice things, girl. The shade of the nails is interesting. With a good tan can work perfect. The camera is super retro!

    B* a la Moda

  5. Cute nail color! Peachy, orangy tones are so fun for summer. That camera is pretty cool too!

  6. That camera is amazing. I love vintage style camera's; they look really cool.
    And the bag hook is a great invention. I don't like leaving my bag on the floor either, so this would be so useful.

  7. Love your old Kodac camera!! and your orange nailpolish too! Pretty things ;)

  8. OMG! I have camera envy!! I hope you figure out what it is, but if not, it looks like a great camera to add the collection.

  9. Love your mani, gorgeous!


  10. Ah Nubia...I so LOVE that nail polish color - it makes me think of an orange grove. Gorgeous! AND...I think I need that Hook-Up. I am always looking for a place to hang my bag!! :)

  11. Love that polish!! You are the cutest, Nubia! And yes I will check my calendar but I would love love love to go that event on the 8th and see all my bloggy buddies :)

  12. Nubia dear! About the gorgeous camera the fact that it belongs to a museum is by itself a reason to buy it, right? hahaha! The hook-up is a really funny but handy gadget! :))

    Take care, Lena

  13. FAB nail color! So brave, and cool;)

  14. great post, so colorful : )
    orange nailpolish is really pretty !

  15. Hello there :)
    And Thank you soo much for stopping by.
    And thanks for your compliments.
    It really means a lot to me!
    You know what, your blog is amaaaaaaaazing!
    Panda xx

  16. That camera is so funky, love it.

    Gorgeous nail polish. Orange nail polish is my favourite.

  17. What a fun color! Wow, I have never seen such a camera before. Very cool. That is the prettiest bag hook I've ever seen.

    P.S Thanks for the health tips and words of encouragement! =D

  18. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. That hook-up is the most clever thing I've ever seen. Most ingenious purse hook ever.

    And I love your nail colour :)


  19. Thanks for your input guys!

    I really enjoy reading your comments.

    I love the orange nail polish from WNW for $1 you can't beat it

    The hook up is so clever! Like I said I'm a little germaphobic and its so useful!

  20. That camera looks like so much fun. Super cute purse hook, as well :)

  21. WOW! Such an amazing post,
    as per usual! LOVE your blogg
    soooooo much, such an
    inspiration :) Definitely
    bookmarking you now.
    Hope you can stop by mine
    sometime :) xx

  22. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm still so new at this that whenever I get a comment I get so excited! I love your blog and you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I think that nailpolish was a great find, it really suits your skin tone and is lovely and summery!


  23. Love your nail polish babe and the hook up!! Very chic! Have a lovely Wednesday xxx

  24. Love that shade of nail polish, and the heart hook is so cool!

  25. I just bought 3 new nail polishes yesterday all in fun summer colors!!! :) Love that camera!

  26. nice colour of nail polish
    wanna exchange link and or follow me??

  27. I love the Wet n Wild nail polishes as well, so cheap and I love the colors :)

    And I'm glad it's starting to heat up here in NYC!

  28. Oh I love your ring!
    I'm kind of obssessed with rings right now ;)


  29. That little purse hangin' gadget is SO brilliant! Love the mani color!

  30. I actually really really like the rings you're wearing in your pic! The orange nail polish is nice too :D

  31. I have 3 things to say ;)

    1. love the polish but more so I love your ring :)

    2. That's one amazing camera. Have you tested it yet or? it sure makes a good piece of decoration if it doesn't work. I love old cameras.

    3. that hook is such brilliant idea. I've seen them before but never one in such cute heart shape.

    following you with blogluvin now so I don't miss any updates. feel free to follow back.

    Dena xoxo

  32. It's such a fun nail polish color!! The camera looks pretty interesting and awesome! xxoxoxoxoo

  33. I love your style and the nail polish color is so cute! I´m with you on the bags and so that heart shape hook up is perfect specially when you to bars.

    Thanks for passing by my blog and leaving a comment! :)

  34. I love the polish. By the way, all your posts just showed up all of the sudden on my google reader! Did you do something new? Finally, I can follow you better =) x

  35. Do you got a new header?
    I love it!

  36. i kick myself for not buying those payless platforms. they look awesome on u :)

  37. gorgeous has anyone told you that you look so much like Freida Pinto?


  38. wow what lovely gifts, I hear especially good things about that camera, can't wait to see what you snap with it!

    True Queen


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