I'm on Fire

by - 9:38 PM

Fortunately I received my memo telling me that messy/greasy hair is somewhat "in" because I sure had a case of it earlier today ha ha.

Today was one of those days where you really don't want to roll out of bed, but you know you have to. I went on a mission looking for red pumps/wedges but wasn't very successful. I'm not looking for anything too specific, but rather for a style that will grab my attention.

I went to Duane Reade sometime during the day and I saw this color "jade/jade" from Wet n Wild for $1.99. I thought I'd take a quick picture for everyone so you can know what some of your options are.

Its not as creamy as the Chanel one. This has more of a shimmer to it,I really like how it looks. I haven't tried it yet but Wet n Wild always amazes me with the quality for there price.

I also took a few outfit shots during the day.

Wearing Leopard Cardigan a gift handed down from my mom, A basic black tee from H&M, Red skinny Jeans by Tripp NYC, Military style boots.

I got this bag below a very, very long time ago with my cousin while shopping in a local store. I always thought it was really cute and funny, I found it today while searching through my closet.

P.S I have finally decided to go a little darker with my hair.

P.P.S Thanks to everyone who has shouted me out on there blogs about the giveaway. You are awesome!

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