Get a bang for your buck!

by - 1:55 PM

Last night I was staring at my nails that were looking chipped and horrible! I work with buyers and constantly have to be grabbing things and showing samples which obviously shows my nails a lot. I went downstairs to Duane Reade because its the closest store that has nail polish to me and I had a red in mind.

While browsing through the isles, I realized I only had like 4 bucks in my pocket which leaves me with not so many options. I went to the Wet n Wild section to discover a bright red "Red Red/Rouge Rouge" to be exact and to my Surprise, it was KISS OF APPROVAL Award winner by Cosmo Girl. After seeing that I felt I had to get it and it was only a dollar. This morning when I came into the showroom I quickly did my nails and was very pleased.

That's a bang for my buck!

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