6 Items To Make Your Kitchen Bitchin'.

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Cook up a storm with some cool accessories & decor in your kitchen! These kitchen accessories make great gifts for yourself, that dedicated friend who's always hosting a party, or your boyfriend who loves to grill. I found all of these items on Alwaysfits.com. No this isn't a sponsored post, I really enjoy their quirky merchandise. It's sassy as hell and packs a lot of attitude in the best way possible. Check it out!!!

Droppin' A New Recipe On Your A Oven Mitt
A little cinnamon, a lot of butter, and a heaping cup of brilliance. But no raisins. Never raisins. Droppin' a new recipe on your ass!

Golden Girls Hot Sauce 4-Pack Set
No doubt: you’ve been a great friend. Thank you for being a friend. If you’d like to step your game up a bit, though, and be a bad-ass, fire-breathing, hot sauce swigging friend: well, we’ve got you covered with our Golden Girls Hot Sauce.

I'll Feed All You Fuckers Oven Mitt
It's dinner time when I say it's dinner time! What? Does it look like I have three sets of arms or something?!

I Want A Fucking Pizza Dish Towel
I'm all for religious tolerance and freedom, but if you don't believe in Pizza Angels then I can't be your friend.

Tequila Mockingbird - Cocktails with a Literary Twist
Even if you don’t have a B.A. in English, tonight you’re gonna drink like you do!

I'm Beautiful and I Eat A Lot Oven Mitt
While we're listing accomplishments I'm really good at binge watching my shows, too.

 Xo Nubia Xo 

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