Mermaids and #MerMay on Instagram.

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I have a profound love of mermaids. They are such beautiful, mystical creatures and I am smitten with mermaid art. I believe they could be absolutely real. Why not? I hope I bump into one at the beach this Summer. Think about it, humans have only managed to explore about 5% of the ocean floor. That leaves endless room for possibilities! This month I stumbled upon #MerMay on Instagram. It's an art challenge where people draw their take on mermaids all month long. May is practically over but it was fun to follow along and appreciate everyones artistic vision. I also enjoyed people mashing mermaid art up with video game and comicbook characters. 

Below are a few of my favorite pieces in no particular order and my thoughts on them. Don't forget to show these artists some love and follow them on Instagram. 

Rockabilly Mermaid
A little rebel with tons of sass under the sea I would imagine. 

Mermaid Moon
There is something so peaceful about this illustration. I feel like this mermaid would give great advice or perhaps be some kind of astrology expert. 

Island Girl
I would find this mermaid swimming around in a beautiful tropical island. She looks like a sweetheart and heart breaker at the same time. 

Ghoulish Mer Creature
I particularly enjoyed this drawing. Perhaps it's my interest in horror and the dark side. It makes me imagine a mermaid who's been hunted all her life. She's back from the dead to seek revenge on those who have disrupted the peace of all sea creatures. 

She's brilliant and values the tradition. 

Mermaid Peach.
I'm not quite sure I love any other video game more than Super Mario Bros. Seeing this Princess Peach Mermaid made my heart glow. 

This particular piece of art really caught my eye. She just wants people to be happy but she sees so much sadness in the world. She can't solve it all at herself. 

It's A Family Affair.
Hellllloooooooo, Nurse! Gosh I loved Animaniacs so much growing up. This must have been a lot of fun to draw. And of course Dot is the cutest

Galactic Mer-Bay.
This cutie is just full of life and looking for adventure under the sea with her partner in crime Horsy. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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